Worklink Biz 6WorkKeys® is a comprehensive system for measuring, communicating and improving the common skills required for success in the workplace. It allows these skills to be quantitatively assessed in both individual persons and in actual jobs. WorkKeys® is instrumental in correctly identifying individuals who have the basic skills required to be successful in a given position or career.

WorkKeys® is a Flexible System of Components which includes:

  • Job Profiling – Determining the basic skills required for individual jobs and occupational careers
  • Assessment – Measuring the basic skills that individuals can apply to workplace situations
  • Training – Curriculum guidelines from ACT and ACT Level 1 publishers designed to improve an individual’s skills so that they can be successful in jobs of their choice
  • Research – ACT’s extensive research and validation has resulted in a tool that, when properly used, is EEOC compliant and legally defensible.

If your business has training needs, please check for eligible providers in your area or contact WorkLink at (864) 646-1515, Relay Service Dial 711 (TTY).